Crestmoor Crocs Swim Team

Registration Fee
There is a $50 registration fee, $30 each additional swimmer on the swim team. This fee will be used to offset swim team expenses throughout the season.

Swim Meet Arrival Times
For all Home Meets, please arrive 1 Hour before meet starts.. Wednesday Meets, First warm-up 5:20pm, Meets start 6pm. Saturday Meets, First warm-up 8:20am, Meets start 9am.

We need everyone's help to make this a wonderful season for our "Croc" family. Please volunteer for your team! There are four home meets for this season and we are asking for one member of each family to work in some capacity during at leat two of them. There is friendly, on the job training for these postions.

Snack Bar: Sell concession items and clean up at end of the meet.

Ready Bench: Keep track of swimmers from one age group and line them up before their events

Timers: One lane. Instructions given at the beginning of each meet.

Ribbons: Legibly fill out ribbons for each Crestmoor swimmer and check for pool records.

Scorers: Correctly record scores with members of rival team. Clinic recommended.

Snack Bar
Swim Team will be running a snack bar on Wednesday and Saturday Home Swim Meets. We are hoping to generate additional swim team funds and will need additional help on those dates in the form of staffing and donations.

We still need your contributions of baked/snack items for each meet. If you don't have time to bake, below you'll find some easy, inexpensive suggestions. Any treats in individual serving ziplock bags are great! Divide a bag of pretzels, potato chips, cookies, popcorn, etc.

Pasta Salad, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Rolls, Sliced Cheese, Fruit Salad, Large shreaded cheese, Large Box of 50 Doritos (BJ's), Large Sour Cream, Large Salsa, Bagels for Saturday morning meets, Cases of Water, Gatorade, Sodas. Granola bars, String cheese, Cut fruit, Muffins, Cut veggies, Donut holes, Pop Tarts, Brownies, TastyKakes, Cheese & crackers, Fruit roll-ups.

Team Swim Apparel
The team swim suit is available at The Swim Shop on Rt. 202 in Fairfax Shopping Center. Just let them know you're from Crestmoor.

Calling ALL Swimmers

We are looking for swimmers of all abilities for a summer season of fun. Crestmoor Swim Team is a member of the Suburban Swim League and competes in several meets through July. Practice times are flexible to fit everyone's schedule.

Sign Up Today!

For more information, contact Johnna Scott at 302-561-4234 or email Johnna Scott.

Click here for information about the Suburban Swim League.

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